Confederate Heritage Ride

Following the footsteps of Confederate soldiers in Charleston!

About the Confederate Heritage Ride!

In 2005, Secession Camp 4 Past Commander Randy Burbage and David Rentz along with friends of the SCV, Candy and Jim Gray met to discuss ideas for putting on a ride event in the Charleston area. The idea for the Confederate Heritage evolved from a two hour discussion of how to use a motorcycle ride event to promote Confederate history. Secession Camp 4 proceeded to put together the premier ride event which offers educational opportunities to ride participants. The Confederate Heritage Ride is a unique experience in which historical sites, cannons and muskets come together to provide an educational style of ride. There are many historical sites in the Holy City; come ride with us to see them.


James Gray Jr.
August 5, 1938 - January 10, 2013

James was US Army veteran of Vietnam, Past President of the Vietnam Veterans Association, a Civil War Reenactor and a Past President of the Harley Owner's Group.

Unfortunately, James passed before he could see the ride reach its 10th running.

We continue to honor Candy and James for the overwhelming support they offered towards making the Confederate Heritage Ride a premier event.

We thank you for your ideas and support!. CHR Committee